Using Camtasia to Embed Subtitles


Camtasia is software that has to be purchased, but it provides a free quick process of hardcoding subtitles to a video.

Frequently Asked Questions

I exported my video with the captions embedded and it won't process on YouTube.

When you export a video from Camtasia it will embed the subtitles into the video itself but it also adds more data to the video file. On longer videos this causes problems with YouTube’s ability to process. (To see an example you can drag in your rendered video to Adobe Premiere. You will see a lot of markers.) So when you render out subtitles on a 40-minute video and upload it to YouTube, you may encounter that the video will process and never complete.

What is the solution? 1) Put the video in another Encoder, like Adobe’s Media Encoder, and reencoded the video as an .MP4 in order to get rid of the data that is slowing the process down. 2) If there is some setting to modify in Camtasia that resolves this, I have yet to dig that up.

The audio and video are not in sync in Camtasia!

It is common for your video and audio to not appear in sync in Camtasia. However I have found in most cases once you render out the video and watch it, everything is in sync. I am not sure what is at the root of this problem.

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