Burn-In Captions With Rounded Corners on Background in Premiere

In this video, I briefly explain a new feature in Adobe Premiere Pro 2021 that lets you add a corner radius to the background color on the video. This creates a much smoother look for the subtitles.

Embed Translated Subtitles to the Center of Your Video

Do you have a video that displays centered text throughout? When this same video is translated, is there a way to embed the subtitles in the center…

Called to the Work of Translation

In Eifon Evan’s biography of Daniel Rowland he records of an association meeting in which one brother was advised that his call was not to preach but to translate. On page 180-181 Evan’s records: “After prayer all the exhorters were examined and approved, except one. Occasionally, when suitability for public ministry was evidently lacking, an […]

The Need for Translators

This is a sermon I gave 6 years ago in which I expressed my burden to my local church.